Above & Beyond

2018 Theme


Two Goals: “Twice the Hands, Twice the Heart”

“Twice the Hands” = Doubling our missions efforts whether through Praying, Partnering, or Going

“Twice the Heart” = Doubling our 2019 budget for missions outreach whether through Sowing, Strengthening, or Scholarships.

Ephesians 3:20-21 Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen.

AB explanations of praying, partnering, going

Doubling our missions involvement will involve 3 options. To go Above & Beyond, you and your loved ones will commit to 1 of the 3 options that you need to leverage in your own mission work. Examples of each are below (though not limited to these!):

  • Serving as a prayer partner for someone who is preparing and going on a mission trip or engaging in a local mission.
  • Writing prayer/inspiration cards for those who are preparing and going on a mission trip.
  • Practice the spiritual discipline of praying weekly for Brookwood missions in our Above & Beyond Prayer Room (C-278 on the main floor).
  • Practice the spiritual discipline of praying daily for mission teams in the Above & Beyond Prayer Room while a team is on site.
  • Attend mission team trainings to know how to better pray for the team specifically and how to best encourage them and know what they are doing when they go.
  • Your Sunday School class “adopt” a specific mission team or project that they can pray for, send cards to, attend meetings, etc.
  • Keeping up with missions blogs posted by our mission teams, and posting prayers and encouragements at the bottom of the blog posts.
  • Helping remaining loved ones while their loved one(s) is gone (cutting grass, providing meals, helping with childcare, getting mail if both are gone, just checking in on them, etc.)
  • Devote each month of the year to focusing on a particular mission trip or ministry, discerning tangible ways that they can partner on each ministry’s behalf.
  • Help with communicating all of the mission efforts we have going on. (Work with Mission Awareness to draft and provide flyers/bulletins that highlight one mission ministry each Sunday. These can also be placed on Facebook and other media.)
  • Help regularly with mission trip preparation needs: pill counting; loading/unloading supplies; tool maintenance/repair.
  • Emailing daily devotionals/encouragements to mission teams.
  • Prepare Ziploc travel packages for mission teams for their trip to the mission site.
  • Offer small financial “equipping gifts” to persons to help them as they prepare for mission trips (immunization, documents, special equipment, etc.) These are not to be confused with the much more substantial scholarships that will be increased by Above & Beyond in 2019. Rather, these are smaller gifts for someone who is preparing for a mission trip. 
  1. GOING
  • Engaging in a new mission venture, whether local or nonlocal.

***Be sure to include all of your loved ones on your Pledge Card, selecting on 1 of these 3 options for each loved one!!! If your loved one’s missional option is different from yours, just check the one that they have chosen and put their name(s) beside that check.

***We will survey the Tribe each quarter based on these 3 areas to track our increases in mission involvement!!!***