Gifts for the Family

For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them. Romans 12: 3-6

We all have unique gifts, interests and passions. When we create from these talents and offer them to others an amazing mosaic of God and His Church emerges. On December 17th at 6:00 pm you're invited to bring a gift for the Church. It can be anything that represents your passions, interest or talents. There is a deadline of Wednesday, December 13th to let us know what you would like to bring. It's going to be a fun and creative celebration of the Brookwood family and we can’t wait to see you there!

Some Examples of Gifts:

  1. Music - sing or play a song
  2. Reading - share your favorite poem, story, or excerpt
  3. Jokes - make us laugh!
  4. Stories - tell one of your favorite holiday-related anecdotes or tales
  5. Share a family Christmas tradition
  6. Make a craft to share (ornaments, jewelry, bookmarks, fridge magnets)
  7. Food (make bread, candy, even share copies of a favorite recipe)
  8. Donations to charity in the church’s honor 
  9. Excerpts of your own writing (bring copies to share)
  10. Original artwork or photography
  11. Knowledge or how-to advice (fitness, gardening, meal-planning, sports, finances, entertainment, decorating, organization, etc)

Questions & Answers

Q: What is the format of the night going to be?

A: The fellowship hall will have tables set up around perimeter. We will display gifts around the room as well as set up any food that has been given. The stage will be used to share any gifts that are spoken or sung.


Q: I’m making something to give away. How many should I prepare for?  

A: The answer can vary. If your gift is easily replicated (a recipe, coupons for hugs, etc.) then prepare 25 copies.  If you are knitting a scarf or bringing a photograph, then you would only need to bring one!


Q: I don’t have a gift to share. Should I still come?

A: Absolutely! The best part of having a gift is sharing it with other people.


Q: What happens to all of the gifts at the end of the night?

A: We will take our inspiration from the church in Acts, “All the believers were together and had everything in common.” At the end of the night all gifts will be free for the taking. Anyone can take any gift home as a sign of generosity and celebration!


Q: How do I sign up and is there a deadline?

A: Sign up online here or on the signup sheet in Sunday School. We will need your name, email, and a brief description of your gift. The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, December 13th.