Ministry Placement Team

It’s that time of year!  Yes, it’s time for our Ministry Placement Committee (MPC) to begin staffing the committees and teams for 2018-19 so that our beloved church, Brookwood Baptist, can reach out and serve Above and Beyond!  Connecting our Tribe, whose gifts and talents are abundant, with the work which must be
accomplished by our teams and committees is a key component for the successful operation of our Church.  To begin this task, MPC needs your help.  Here’s how to start:

  • Please reflect on the talents, gifts, and abilities that God has given you.
  • Prayerfully consider how you might best use these gifts in service to our Lord and His Church.
  • Review the Purpose, Duties, and Organization (PDO) of the committees and teams on the church website.

Serving on a committee or team is not only a way to express our love and deep gratitude to God for the many ways He has blessed us, but our service also enables our Church to powerfully serve our Lord by making disciples for Christ and by ministering to others in His name.


If you have questions or comments, please contact a member of MPC by text, email, or phone call.  Committee members are listed below. 

As we pause and ponder the eternal effect our Jubilee year could possibly have on our world, our church, and potentially on every one of us, please make a commitment to give of your time and join with your fellow Tribe members to reach out and serve  Above and Beyond during the coming year!

 Ministry Placement Committee

Bart Brown
Lynn Lloyd, Chair
Jim Owens
Gail Stevens
Don Sullivan, Vice-Chair
Chris Williams, Past Chair
Blake Dempsey, Exe. Pastor
Rosanna Tsivourakis
2018 PDOs with recommended edits - these revisions will be addressed at the June 27th Quarterly Business Meeting