The South Africa Inter-Generational Mission group - Summary

When we first arrived at Cape Town to work with Living Hope, I did not think that four of us would be building a shack. Well, at least a simulated shack. Living Hope is creating a visitor center/coffee shop at their main headquarters that can increase awareness of their wonderful ministries. The plan was for the first room of the visitor center to have worn, rusting, corrugated metal walls representing those that house the thousands of poor in Cape Town. The only first-world item in the room will be a widescreen TV that will depict the history of Living Hope. So--Bobby, Brooks, Charles, and myself undertook the project of building the internal side of a shanty. (You can see the result below.)

A little over two days later, we completed that project and moved on to help Vicki, Bethanne, Stephen, Amy, and Deanna with Kids Club, which really is the heart and soul of Brookwood’s ministry with LH (and the most demanding). Then some of us did home health care visits in the Capricorn township, while others spoke to the farming students as they graduated to another level of certification. Throughout all of these activities, my mind kept going back to that shack. God reminded me that while it’s one thing to construct a simulated shack, it’s another thing to follow God’s clear command to go out and walk among the real ones, bringing His Kingdom to those who are in desperate straits. As I will share this Sunday, we must leap into the current of God’s Living Water and “let justice flow down like waters and righteousness like an ever flowing stream” (Amos 5:24).

Speaking of water, it was a blessing for us to travel with John Thomas to the plant that was holding the water purifier that Brookwood was instrumental in obtaining for Living Hope. As you probably know, the low water conditions in Cape Town are at a critical point. When these purifiers are implemented on the main campus, it will enable the ministry to keep moving forward even when supply of fresh water is threatened. (John is standing by one of the two purifiers in a photo. He really wanted us to see them even though both of them were still at the plant, as he is so grateful to Brookwood for making it happen.)

What a blessing it was to partner once again with John and Avril, with those amazing Life Skill Educators who pour out their souls to the children of the shacks, and with our Brookwood team that labored with such strong commitment to advancing the Gospel among the dispossessed. 

Graced to be on mission with all of you,



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