Youth Ministry

Our goal here at Brookwood is for our students to learn more about Jesus through teaching, fellowship, and service in the community. We believe it is important to create an environment that allows our students to be comfortable worshiping God. We feel that a student’s life, while in the youth group, is critical to developing his/her identity in Christ. As a youth group we institute daily disciplines into a student’s life beginning with Sunday School, and reinforced by intimate Small groups and Wednesday night church. We hope to see you soon!

Sunday Mornings

This year we are spending our time on Sunday morning in class rooms.  Each class is gender and age specific and is meant to be a time for all students to cultivate life changing, real relationships with other students their own age, who are all experiencing the same walks of life.  We believe that the greatest form of discipleship happens when we sit down with God’s Word in hand and work through life together.  Our Sunday mornings strive to see this happen each and every week.

Big Sundays

Big Sunday takes place on the first Sunday night of each month at 6 pm in The Cape.  At Big Sunday our goal is to hang out and get to know students better.  We play football, we play soccer, we play kickball, we play cards, we basically just play.  We know students like to have fun and this night is centered around having fun with the students in our area.  We would love for you to come join the fun!


YEARN is our weekly Wednesday night Bible Study.  The heartbeat of this ministry and this time together is that Middle and High School students would continue to yearn after the Lord with everything in them, that day and night they would be seeking the Lord with all of who they are.  We hope to see kids ignite a passion in their hearts for Jesus Christ and YEARN is one of the ways we hope to see this achieved.

 Youth Summer Activities

Austin Keim 
Minister to Youth 


Rosanna Tsivourakis 
Administrative Assistant

Feel free to contact us with any questions.